Difference between Split AC and Window AC

Are you willing to buy an AC to beat the heat? Which one you wanna buy Split AC or a traditional Window AC. 5 Factors to look before you choose between Split AC or Window AC are Energy ConsumptionSpace Consumption, Noise, Cost and Capacity.


Split AC vs Window AC

Energy Consumption

Both variants (Split and Window) have 5 Star rated ACs. But the options (models) available for Split ACs are more when compared to window ACs. Why is Energy Consumption important here.? Because AC is something which people do not change often also to add on the life-cycle of an AC is usually 10-12 years if used properly. Hence if you choose a 2 star or a 3 star AC you will end up paying more money every month in the form of electricity bills.

Space Consumption

Window AC’s occupy more space compared to Split ACs. Window AC’s are designed to have a traditional look that is bulky and hence consume more space. Split ACs are designed to fit the modern house with stylish finishing. Also, it is compact and slim you can see the difference in the above image. Imagine if you are staying in metro cities like Mumbai, Banglore, Pune, Chennai, etc where the room size is slightly small. Furthermore, also the ceiling distance from the floor is at a maximum height of 15 feet. Certainly, in such cases, Split AC’s are the best choice. However, the Split AC’s come with two components i.e indoor unit and an outdoor unit as shown below.

Split AC (Indoor and outdoor unit)

As the name suggests Indoor unit is the one which occupies the space in your room and the outdoor unit is placed outside usually outside the window.


Window ACs are noisier (Air) and Split ACs are less Noisy. There are new Window AC’s launched into the market does claim that they are silent. But anyways who needs an AC which makes noise?


Due to the above-mentioned disadvantages of Window AC over Split AC, the initial cost of Window AC is comparatively less. However, in the long run, Split, AC is more efficient (power consumption) and certainly generates low electricity bills.


The Capacity of the Window AC is restricted to 2 – Ton in contrast Split AC is not restricted. Eventually, the Split AC capacity can be extended as per individual needs.

What Capacity do you need to buy?

A well-insulated room with 100 square feet will require a 0.5-ton air conditioner. likewise, a 500 square feet will require 1 ton, a 1000 square-feet will require 1.5 ton. And similarly, 1500 square feet room will require a 2-ton capacity AC.

Therefore my recommendation on you buying an AC is simple to go for the Split AC. For the reason that its design is simple also you will have various models from different brands most noteworthy aspect is it makes less air noise and finally saves your money in the long run.

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