Top Load or Front Load

Do you guys remember how our mothers used to wash clothes every alternate day when we were kids? Well, those days are gone for many of them as many houses are now using the so-called Washing Machine. – Thanks to ALVA J FISHER for the revolutionary invention back in 1908.

Basically, there are two types of Washing machines Top Load and Front Load.

Top Load vs Front Load Washers

As per our analysis, there are 7 key factors to choose between top load and front load washers.

  •  Which cleans better?

  • Water Efficient

  • Design

  • Ease of usage

  • Initial Cost

  • Electricity Bill

  • Maintenance cost

Let’s start looking at each one of them in detail

Which Cleans Better?

Top load washing machines are a bit harder on the clothes whereas Front-load washing machines are gentle on the clothes. Especially if your daily activities involve exposure to a lot of dirt getting your clothes dirty often then Top load washers are a better option. (Because they are hard on the clothes and wash extensively). In general, if your day to day activities do not involve exposure to dirt then Front-load washers will do fine.

Water Efficient

Ultimately, water is an important factor as we are facing water scarcity throughout the globe. Front-load washing machines use 1/3 rd of the water used by Top load. Therefore an average Front-load washing machine uses only 33% water when compared to Top load washers. Undoubtedly Front load washing machine is a clear winner in terms of water usage.

Ease of Usage

Front-load washers are not the ideal ones for old age people or for the people who have back pains or joint pains. Afterall the reason being so is that you have to bend to put in and take out the clothes every time which is going to put a lot of stress onto your back. Top-load machines provide the feasibility of access as it is specially designed to stand at the ideal height of a person and operate.

In addition to that top-load also provide you the comfort of adding clothes even when the machine has started to run. For instance, you started the machine and it starts to pull in water into the machine and you suddenly realize you forgot to add your Towel/shirt/pants, etc or anything. You can just pause the machine open the lid and add the stuff and resume the machine. (As a matter of fact, you can add clothes at any point of time in top loads). However, the Front-load machine does not offer this flexibility of adding clothes later.


Despite being said that Front-load washers do put a lot of stress on your back as you have to bend every-time to put in and take out the clothes from the machine. But Front load washers do look stylish and fabulous whereas Top-load washers have the traditional look as you can see in the below images. Also, Front load washers consume less space as they are compact and top load consumes a little more space due to the vertical height.

Initial Cost

The initial cost which also means the buying price. An average front load machine price range is on the higher side compared to the top load machine. Front-load machines are expensive. The starting price of a front load washing machine is around 18000 INR. Whereas the top-load machine price starts from 8000 INR.

Electricity Bills

If you are using hot water to wash your clothes then definitely top load is going to consume more electricity as it uses more water. If you are using cold/normal temperature water then front load washing machines do consume more electricity due to the longer wash cycles. Again we would insist you no matter which model you choose top or the front but please do buy a product which has a 4 Star or a 5 Star rating washing machine which will ensure you that it will save your bills accordingly.

Maintenance cost

On average a washing machine has a life of 10-12 years if used properly and wisely. Some parts have to be changed after some time. Eventually, such things do happen with any machine in the world and here comes the role of maintenance cost. Ideally, the front load uses a basket spider on which it provides support and stability to the machine. At the same time, it is made up of inexpensive white aluminum metal also known as “Pot metal”.  Pot Metal is easily subjected to corrosion. In Reality, replacing this particular spider in Front-load machine is very very expensive. Usually, the life of the basket spider is around 4-5 years. People do get frustrated when this particular part has to be changed. Whereas top load doesn’t have a basket spider. Significantly the other repairs/parts cost are comparatively less and run on a low maintenance cost.

I hope these differences have given you insight and the differences between Top load and Front Load washing machines.

Please do post your queries below and share your experiences with top or front load machines.

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