Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find the best products in India.
We do research on each product and provide our top 10 or top 5  picks so that you can easily pick the best one according to your needs and budget! Our picks are totally based on customer reviews and specifications and best sellers in each category. If product XYZ is able to do a thing way faster and at a cheaper price than product ABC, XYZ will be on our list. We hope you find what you need! Join us on our Social media platform to know more…!!!


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Why you should Trust Us ?

Because we provide unbiased reviews as we are not tied up with any particular product or any specific brand. We are responsible because your trust is really important to us !

Our Process ?

Before digging into the products we (Expert India Reviews) will compare we look through Amazon.in and Flipkart.com to see the best sellers of a specific category, this makes it easy to see what products the market prefer and which products are actually being used by people.

After we have selected between 40-60 products, we simply compare the user reviews as well as the specifications of each product. Keeping in mind the Robustness, Ease of Access, Fast and durable are the key aspects which we look for. We read carefully through all customer reviews and go through the brand website as well to make sure to portray the product reviews with honesty.

Out of these 40-60 products we shortlist our list to Best 10 products. We do the extensive research that you otherwise would need to do (going through the products on different sites, checking different specifics and reading hundreds of customer reviews).

Would you like to contact us ?

Please do send us an email at info@expertindiareviews.in and we will answer you soon.

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